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Elementary Schools
Secondary school
Booklet of Works council
Brochures / Newspapers
Sports event
Business seminar

Create yourself your own Yearbook

The yearbook creates itself with the social network on which you posted content

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Our PRINT Products

1Year1Book is offering you an alternative to the traditional class photo with a book that clustered all your school memories. Frames, covers, typo, quotes, portraits, this yearbook is totally customizable ! The Yearbook Project can be done in class or supervised by the parent-teacher association.
Preview primairecollegelycee2 small
Grade School,Secondary School and High School Yearbook
Preview grandesecoles2 small
Grandes Ecoles Yearbook
Preview diplome2 small
Diploma Yearbook
Preview journaux2 small
Newspaper, Alpha brochure
Preview calendrier 12 small
Glossary, Organization chart, calendar

Our professional products

1Year1Book is also working with different firms. With us, you have the opportunity to edit easily and for cheap the photo album of your employee representative committee, the annual total of your association or your guestbook’s company.
For your birthdays, seminaries or parties
Preview eventbook2 small
For work councils or for internal communication
Preview yearbooks2 small
Colleges Yearbook
To optimise your sales
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Customer Testimonial

Quote small escom
he 1Year1Book’s website is friendly and intuitive


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I love the interactivity, the sharing and the possibility to vote !

Cours St Maur

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I like to remind all the best events of the year !


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An offer personalized and customizable !


1Year1Book seen by the media

BFM Académie

BFM Académie - 2ème tour

France 2 - Télé Matin

  • http://www.maddyness.com/startup/2015/02/06/startups-labonneoffre-clickndress-bubbleglobe-1year1book/
    La start-up du moment
  • http://bfmbusiness.bfmtv.com/mediaplayer/video/castalie-vs-1year1book-vs-gourmet-du-net-dans-la-bfm-academie-2013-1-juin-34-56021.html
    Nous aussi on veut un Yearbook pour BFM TV !
  • https://www.facebook.com/1year1book/posts/459346917473167
    L'Étudiant a tout compris à 1Year1Book !
  • http://www.france2.fr/emissions/telematin/videos/la_photo_de_classe_revisitee_-_20150917_17-09-2015_924653?onglet=tous&page=2
    La photo de classe revisitée
  • http://1year1book-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/images/index/figaro_1year1book.jpg
    On s’est lancé notre diplôme en poche !
  • http://business.lesechos.fr/entrepreneurs/financer-sa-creation/nous-avons-developpe-notre-start-up-en-autofinancement-209763.php
    Nous avons autofinancé notre Startup
  • http://www.capital.fr/entreprises-marches/1year1book-donne-un-coup-de-jeune-aux-photos-de-promo-1230907
    1Year1Book donne un coup de jeune aux albums de promo
  • http://www.challenges.fr/start-up/20160425.CHA8344/1year1book-veut-immortaliser-vos-soirees-au-bureau.html?xtor=RSS-64&utm_content=buffer21fe3&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
    1Year1Book veut immortaliser vos soirées au bureau!
  • http://www.letudiant.fr/trendy/bons-plans/mes-trips/bon-plan-la-tendance-yearbook.html
    C'est désormais possible grâce à 1Year1Book !
  • http://www.digischool.fr/associations/1year1book-revolutionne-la-creation-d-album-photos-communautaire-31177.php
    La Startup créatrice de souvenirs
  • http://www.moon-event.fr/1year1book/
    Leur concept est génial
  • http://www.meltycampus.fr/wei-soirees-springbreak-rassemble-tes-meilleurs-souvenirs-d-etudiants-grace-a-1year1book-a493988.html
    Un véritable succès
  • https://www.ludovia.com/2017/03/le-yearbook-ou-lalternative-originale-a-la-photo-de-classe-traditionnelle/
    L’alternative originale à la photo de classe traditionnelle !
  • http://www.educavox.fr/toutes-les-breves/1year1book-la-start-up-creatrice-de-souvenirs
    la start-up créatrice de souvenirs
  • http://www.nicematin.com/belle-histoire/comment-la-creation-de-la-start-up-1year1book-se-transforme-en-success-story-pour-deux-jeunes-nicois-48083
    1Year1Book se transforme en Success story pour ces deux niçois

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