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A Yearbook is a book which gather all the events of the year. It can be called 'Promotion Book' or 'Book of the Year'.

The Yearbook is more and more popular in Europe, we are working already with more than 500 Colleges/Universities or Middle/High Schools. The Yearbook is THE solution to keep all your memories.

Why create a Yearbook ?

To create sense of belonging : the Yearbook is a way to keep links with a community (promotion, class...).

To create an original project : the Yearbook is more than a traditional picture.

To realize a scrapbook : the Yearbook is a way to always keep your memories in mind

Who create the Yearbook ?


The Yearbook is an educational tool. It can be created by the pupils and the teachers but also by the parents associations.

In the Yearbook, we find pictures of school trips, school activities... It highlights the school's identity.


In colleges and universities, the yearbook is created by the students themselves. It can shows all the important moments of the year and can be dedicated to the future graduated students.

Generally, the yearbook is distributed during the graduation ceremony.

How to create a Yearbook ?

With 1Year1Book, you have access a dedicated platform. You can gather your contents (texts, pictures...) and make the layout of your yearbooks with your friends.

1Year1Book offers you many possibilities of design created by our graphists : covers, page backgrounds, patterns, stickers... With our software, you can personalize your souvenir album.

At the end we print and deliver your yearbooks wherever you want.

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1Year1Book make connection with a concrete product and a digital software.